Triveni Nursing Home
Triveni Nursing Home needs no introduction among the Ayurvedic fraternity. It has created a benchmark name in hospital industry. It started functioning as an out-patient clinic under Dr. K. A. Chandrasekharan Nair, at Kaithamukku in 1978.   Read more..

Ayurveda translates into the knowledge or science of life. 'Ayus' is life and 'Veda' is knowledge.

The origin of Ayurveda dates back to several centuries ago, when the ancient seers were perplexed with diseases, infirmity and death.   Read more..

Genuine Ayurvedic medicines prepared in strict compliance with the books of Pharmacology in Ayurveda is a musts for speedy recovery of the patients. So an unit by name Triveni Pharmaceuticals now prepares all medicines, for the purpose of the treatment at Triveni Nursing Home.   Read more..

Our Facilities
An inpatient wing which has 20 beds for men and 20 beds for women, is provided. In addition there are 20 residential rooms which are provided to desirous individual patients at a reasonable rate.   Read more..