The unique system of medicine which was looked down upon with derision as being anachronistic, has not only stood the test of time from the vedic period but is now gaining rapid popularity round the globe. Subjected to the crucibles of scientific tests and researches, recognition has at last been won for this holistic science of life. There is today ample scope for development of Ayurveda as an alternate system of medicine since the skepticism of the world populace has at last been lifted in the face of the laudable clinical efficacy, that Ayurveda commands today. The need of the hour is for Ayurvedists to keep abreast of the rapid strides of advancement in modern science adopt suitable technological innovations investigatory techniques, apply scientific thought to understand and explain of the logic behind the doctrines, imbibe the theories and practice of other health care systems to broaden the out-look and rectify the short comings, entertain other systems to adopt and propagate a holistic approach towards health and over and above all to work hand in hand with like minded people to improve the clinical efficacy of the science and thereby help the ailing humanity at large who ought to be the ultimate beneficiary of the progress of any system of medicine.

In keeping with our conviction that research studies are essential for the progress of science and our firm belief in the right direction towards advancement, we have formed an institute called Triveni Research Institute of Ayurvedic studies to conduct scientific researches in the field of Ayurveda.
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