An inpatient wing which has 20 beds for men and 20 beds for women, is provided. In addition there are 20 residential rooms which are provided to desirous individual patients at a reasonable rate.

The medicines prescribed are also provided from the Dispensary working at the Nursing

home. An x-ray unit and Laboratory facilities are also available 24 hours. Our casualty department works round the clock.

In order to meet the needs of ever increasing patients we are constructing the 6th and 7th floor. Here the following facilities will be available.

1. An addition of 20 pay wards.
2. An A/C suit for those who need.
3. A complete modern Physiotherapic Centre.
4. A Modern Ophthalmic Center.
5. Fulltime Telephone and Security Services.

Modern diagnostics
It is very much felt to integrate this treatment with the facilities provided by the modern system of medicine. Hence an X-ray unit and full fledged clinical Laboratory facilities were deemed necessary. This only boosted our diagnostic ability.

Clinical lab
There is a professionally managed clinical laboratory here. Here we handle around 100 samples.

Xray unit

Physiotherapy centre
THE physiotherapy clinic offers good physio care in all ortho,neuro conditions,. This physiotherapy center is equipped with all advanced physio equipments.Here we also offers excellent home care and house visits for all conditions. Managed by Sri Sivanandan Retd physiotherapist from Sri chitra Thirunal Institute of medical science and technology.


  • Laser Therapy;
  • Short Wave Diathermy;
  • Ultrasonic Therapy;
  • IFT;
  • T E N S;
  • Traction Machine (Lumbar & Cervical)
  • Tread Mill;
  • Body Fat Analysis Machine;
  • Stationary Cycle;
    • Paraffin Wax Bath ; Hot & Cold Pack;
    • Shoulder Pulley/Wheel; Finger Ladder;
    • Hydroculator & Therabands;
    • Gripper & Exercise Ball & Weighing Machine , etc.
    • Spacious Air Conditioned Clinic on Ground Floor;
    • Power Back -up & Spacious Car Parking;
    • Highly Qualified & Experienced Physiotherapists;
    • Services of Qualified Orthopaedic Doctor;
    • Reasonable Charges.

Highlights :

  • Facilities for admitting 60 inpatients.
  • X ray, Clinical laboratory.
  • Round the clock casualty services.
  • Well trained staffs to provide treatment in Panchakarma.
  • Genuine Medicines prepared under the direct supervision of Chief    Physician.
  • Fully Computerized Ayurveda Hospital
  • Specialty Clinic in Ayurveda
  • Physiotherapy Centre.
  • Bed Strength increased to 60.
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